In my youth, I discovered a new world in the dark room, when my first pictures was developed. From that on, I have been photographing on and off. But in 2014, after considering what to do to take my photographing to the next level, I fell in love with street photography.

I always was fascinated by the effect of having a human as a subject in the photo. It gives you a new situation - a new photo - every time you click the shutter. But realizing that being a little shy and uncomfortable, when photographing in crowded places, I decided that the only way to overcome this, was to go out and shoot. The first time I experienced the fantastic feeling of just forgetting the surroundings and go into "the creative zone", where only the picture and the moment exists, I was reborn as a photographer. Street photographing just wants me to do more and do it better!

To me, there is no worse or better in street photography. There are no rules. Some may say a photograph is good and others say it is bad. Thats the way it is. But it is not a competition. How can it be, when it is a matter of taste and feelings? Just like music. Is Rollings Stones better than The Beatles? Was Coltrane a better jazz saxophonist than Dexter Gordon? Don' put everything into small boxes and don't measure it all. It is all about feelings. That is why I love it.

I am member of the Danish Street Photo Collective PLATEA

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